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Frances Preston
Director Emeritus

Called "one of the true powerhouses in the pop music business" by Fortune magazine and honored as an executive who has "helped shape…the entire music industry," former BMI president and CEO Frances W. Preston is known for focusing attention on talent and ensuring that songwriters, composers and music publishers are quickly and accurately compensated for their efforts while providing the most valuable possible repertoire to the users of music in order to enrich both the creative and business music communities. Preston has remained politically vigilant when it comes to the rights and incomes of songwriters, composers and publishers and has vigorously supported the fight for legislation to assure fair compensation to songwriters and performers from the use of digital audio recorders, as well as from the performance of music on the Internet, which includes her key role in extending copyright protection to older compositions through the Copyright Amendments Act of 1992 and outward support of legislation to extend the copyright term to life of the composer plus 70 years.

Damon Williams
Board Chairman

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Board Vice Chairman

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Frances Preston


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